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The Forest Park Project Board is now accepting contributions to support the implementation of the Master Plan.


To make a donation, please address your check to the following:


   Forest Park Project Corporation

   P.O. Box 868

   Lake Forest, IL  60045

You can be a part of its success...

Take your place in Lake Forest’s history as a donor preserving Forest Park for future generations. The Master Plan to rehabilitate the park is complete thanks to almost $4M raised within our community. The next few years are critical to ensure the spectacular vistas, plantings, and natural areas including woodlands, ravines and bluffs are maintained. The final goal of raising $300,000 to endow the park is within our grasp and you can make the difference. Your gift of $1,000 or more will be listed permanently on the park’s donor board.


Please consider donating to The Forest Park Project.
Gifts of all levels are needed and appreciated!

To make a donation by mail, please address your check to the following:

Forest Park Project Corporation

P.O. Box 868
Lake Forest, IL  60045
To contribute online click the green box below.
Levels of Giving

Donors will be acknowledged by name on the Forest Park donor board at the following giving levels.  

Legacy Circle:                       Forest Park Stewards:                    
$500,000 and above              $50,000 and above      $5,000 and above
$250,000 and above              $25,000 and above      $2,500 and above
$100,000 and above              $10,000 and above      $1,000 and above
$50 and above
Click here for printable pledge card 
If you would like to give by credit card, please contact Mary Hoffman at 847-989-8945.

LEGACY CIRCLE donors will be recognized at a prime location in the park, as well as on the main donor board.


There are gifting opportunities including recognition plaques at $250,000 and $500,000; 

The bluff walk                                   $500,000
The bluff restoration                        $250,000
The woodland restoration               $250,000
The pathway through the park       $250,000
Fund Raising Policies


  • The pledge period will be ending December 31, 2017.
  • Donor listings will include individuals, two names, families, organizations or corporations.
  • Restricted gifts will be accepted only for features included in the Forest Park Master Plan.
Please share in a unique opportunity to rehabilitate, enhance and preserve this very special and historic park which overlooks our beloved Lake Michigan. 
Thank you Donors!
Thank you to our amazing donors! 
 Rehabilitate, Enhance, Preserve


  • Address Infrastructure Needs
  • Redefine South Parking Lot
  • Solve Drainage Issues 
  • Save and Care for Trees in Decline
  • Reforest where Appropriate to Maintain a Healthy Park


  • Maintain Unique Vistas, Stately Trees and Open Spaces
  • Improve Safety for Pedestrians
  • Upgrade Park Amenities
  • Honor Past and Future Donors
  • Encourage Ravine Education
  • Protect View Sheds to Lake Michigan


  • Promote Stewardship and Respect for the Land
  • Fund a Maintenance Endowment
  • Create Sustainable, Low-Maintenance Practices
  • Honor the Work of Almerin Hotchkiss and O.C. Simonds
  • Respect the Park as a Place that Represents the Heart and Soul of the Community