Who We Are

The Forest Park Project Board is a community initiative, made up of a cross-section of volunteers from the Lake Forest area who are dedicated to maintaining one of the last green spaces along Lake Michigan. 


Committee chairs and Board members were selected from a pool of volunteers who expressed their interest in the project through the City of Lake Forest. Several of our committee chairs and members are professionals in their fields and have specific experience with many of the issues concerning the Forest Park project.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Forest Park Project Board is to work in partnership with the City of Lake Forest and the entire Lake Forest community to develop a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate, enhance, and preserve Forest Park for the future use and enjoyment of all residents.  As part of that process, the Board is committed to following established standards of excellence in the areas of conservation, horticultural design, engineering, historic preservation, and cultural legacy to protect and strengthen this unique and significant landscape.
Forest Park Project Board:


      Ralph Gesualdo

   Vice Presidents

      Jane O’Neil
      Joan DePree


      Pamela Bailey


      Peter Cherry


      Craig Bergmann
      Judy Boggess
      Steve Douglass
      Mark Goodman
      Gail Hodges
      Mary Hoffman
      Karen Stensrud
      Tom Swarthout

   Historic Preservation Committee

      Gail T. Hodges, Chair
      Michael Ebner
      Sandy GaNun
      Rommy Lopat
      Arthur H. Miller, Jr. 
      Carl Silberman, MD
      Laura Turansick

   Engineering and Technical

      Tom Swarthout, Co-Chair
      Steve Douglass, Co-Chair
      Michael Bleck, P.E.
      Mark Dvorak, P.E.
      Ted Morman
      Peter Witmer, A.I.A. LEED AP
   Landscape and Horticultural
      Craig Bergmann, Chair
      Steve Bartram
      Alice Goltra
      Juliet Priebe

   Amenities and Memorials

     Judy Boggess, Chair
     Stevie Boggess
     Barbara Whitney Carr
     Susan Chandler
     Chris Fisher
     Tom Hunter, III
     Pam Hull
     Evie Lyon
     Consie Pierrepont
     Bart Woloson
     Mary Hoffman, Chair
  City Liaison 
      Bob Kiely
      Cliff Miller