Rehabilitate, Enhance, Preserve


  • Address Infrastructure Needs
  • Redefine South Parking Lot
  • Solve Drainage Issues 
  • Save and Care for Trees in Decline
  • Reforest where Appropriate to Maintain a Healthy Park


  • Maintain Unique Vistas, Stately Trees and Open Spaces
  • Improve Safety for Pedestrians
  • Upgrade Park Amenities
  • Honor Past and Future Donors
  • Encourage Ravine Education
  • Protect View Sheds to Lake Michigan


  • Promote Stewardship and Respect for the Land
  • Fund a Maintenance Endowment
  • Create Sustainable, Low-Maintenance Practices
  • Honor the Work of Almerin Hotchkiss and O.C. Simonds
  • Respect the Park as a Place that Represents the Heart and Soul of the Community
The Project

Forest Park is one of the oldest and most celebrated parks on the North Shore. Now more than ever, this living piece of art is facing the natural challenges that come with being a maturing open space, which is enjoyed by a contemporary community. By employing sustainable practices and materials, current and future generations will enjoy a rejuvenated park. We are committed to addressing these challenges and embracing the opportunity to rehabilitate, enhance and preserve Forest Park so it can be enjoyed by our community for future generations.


The City of Lake Forest created the Forest Park Project Board to collect and review comments and analysis from residents and subject-matter professionals. These recommendations have since been memorialized in a Master Plan to revitalize the park that has been accepted and approved by the City Council.

Members of the Forest Park Project Board will continue working with the City of Lake Forest and local residents to implement the Master Plan, a strategic vision that recognizes the community’s commitment to reinvigorating the key aspects of Forest Park while appropriately balancing historical, safety and ecological interests.


As part of that mission, the Forest Park Project Board is working to raise the necessary funds to support the project and develop an endowment to provide for future maintenance of the park. 




Our Process


Since the inception of the Forest Park Project in 2008, our Board and various committees have assessed site conditions at Forest Park through cultural and geographic analysis in order to develop a recommended Master Plan for its revitalization. Based on input from residents, subject-matter professionals, and the City of Lake Forest, we worked towards achieving our shared goals to rehabilitate, enhance and preserve the park.  In doing so, the Forest Park Project Board pinpointed specific areas and issues, including stabilizing the bluff by increasing biodiversity, improving the circulation and safety of pedestrian areas ,addressing water drainage, enhancing view sheds, and respecting the park’s heritage.


After participating in multiple public meetings, reviewing public comments and producing extensively researched committee reports, the Board prepared a final Master Plan proposal that was approved unanimously by the Lake Forest City Council on May 21, 2012. Prior to that, the proposed Master Plan was accepted by both the Historic Preservation Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board. 


In developing the Master Plan, the Board made all recommendations public and solicited community input from the entire Lake Forest community. As we move forward with the implementation process, we invite everyone to join in supporting our effort to make a revitalized Forest Park a reality. This website will continue to provide information about the project and give the Lake Forest community an opportunity to follow our progress.