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Forest Park Project Master Plan
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Committee Reports

The interim reports from Forest Park Board Committees address the efforts to rehabilitate, enhance and preserve one of the last green spaces along Lake Michigan.
Forest Park Historic Preservation Advisory Committee Interim Report
April 2011
Forest Park Landscape and Horticulture Advisory Committee Interim Report 
May 2011
Forest Park Engineering and Technical Advisory Committee Interim Report
May 2011
Common Questions


Q: Why is Forest Park in need of rehabilitation at this time?


A: As one of the oldest parks on the North Shore, Forest Park is a beautiful but deteriorating landscape that is facing the challenges that come with age and frequent community use.  By improving infrastructure, enhancing safety, saving trees in decline and utilizing sustainable practices, we can rehabilitate, enhance, and preserve Forest Park for the use and enjoyment of current residents and future generations. To be responsible stewards of our surroundings, in good times and bad, is important or our natural treasures will slowly decline.



Q: Why was the Forest Park Project Board created?


A: The City of Lake Forest has long recognized the need for a comprehensive plan to address Forest Park.  In 2008, the city received a Conceptual Master Plan as a gift from the Lake Forest Garden Club.  Last year, the city created the Board to evaluate that conceptual plan, study the various issues facing the park, solicit more input from the Lake Forest community, and finalize a master plan.



Q: How was the plan for Forest Park  approved?


A: After soliciting professional input and public feed-back, the Forest Park Project Board recommended a plan for Forest Park and presented that plan to the Historic Preservation Commission and to the Parks and Recreation Board for approval.  Once approved, the full Lake Forest City Council voted to accept the recommended plan, There were opportunities for public comment at each stage of this three year process.



Q: How will the Forest Park Project be funded?


A:  As part of its mission, the Forest Park Project Board will raise the necessary funds to support the project and will develop an endowment to provide for future maintenance of the park.  The city will uphold their obligation to support the necessary infrastructure costs.



Q: How will this new plan improve the park?


A: The Forest Park Master Plan will ensure that we appropriately rehabilitate the park and protect its unique characteristics.  For example, current improvements include saving trees in decline, maintaining unique vistas and open spaces, protecting view sheds to Lake Michigan, honoring past and future donors, and promoting respect for the land through education, conservation, and regular maintenance.   



Q: Who is in charge of maintenance today?


A: The Parks and Recreation Department is in charge of the Forest Park’s maintenance today. Once the dollars are raised and the implementation of the plan begins, the Forest Park Project Board will be engaged, as a partner with the City. Upon completion, the endowment fund will cover the costs of preserving the views and any extra necessary maintenance requirements.